Information for Parents

Dear Parents and Families,


It has been just over a week since we commenced our online remote learning using Google Classroom. I want to congratulate all our students for their participation and engagement in the lessons developed by our teachers. Parents who have contacted us have indicated that their child is enjoying the learning they are doing at home.

As parents, I know this change may not be easy for you, but you are doing a fantastic job supporting your child in these challenging times.

The teachers have been working extremely hard to ensure that this is a positive experience for our students.


As you know, we are using Google Classroom (G Suite for Education) to provide online education. I have uploaded further information about Google Classroom on the school website under the Parent Information tab. 

Our school expects students to continue to abide by the school’s policies about student behaviour when learning in an online setting. We will continue to follow the school’s student engagement policy when responding to inappropriate student behaviour online. This policy is available on the school website. If your child experiences inappropriate behaviour online, please contact the school immediately.


Your child’s health and wellbeing remain a priority regardless of whether they are learning at school or home. If you have any concerns about your child’s wellbeing or welfare during this time, you can contact Stacey, our Welfare Coordinator on 0411-629-912.


Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns during this time.


Please stay safe and healthy.


Kind regards


Leanne Keane


Google Classroom Information

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