School Chaplain

Why does Stevensville Primary School have a chaplain?
We have a Chaplain who is available for students, family and staff to assist in concerns relating to all areas of life, including educational issues as well as social psychological and spiritual matters.

What does the chaplain do?
She offers support to our school community, offers comfort, talks with students, staff and parents, works with small groups, assists people in crisis and helps with school camps, programs and extra curricular activities, and the favourite - running big group games in the yard at lunchtime.

Is the Chaplain a member of the Staff?
The Chaplain operates as a member of the school staff and is involved in a variety of activities. She is an integral member of the Student Welfare Team but can also operate from a position of independence when needed.

Is this a Religious Role?
The Chaplain is able to assist in times of spiritual crisis, however the role is 99% care and support of the school community, through pastoral care conversations, social learning programs and group work.





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