Italian as an additional language was introduced to Stevensville Primary School in 2015. A structured Italian program has been implemented from Foundation to Year 6. The program aims to foster a love of languages and an understanding and respect for other cultures. This will be achieved through interactive activities and the use of technology. Students will build confidence through use of the language in class amongst their peer group and in presentations such as assemblies.


Foundation – Year 2

Students will use Italian for social interactions such as greetings, asking and answering simple questions, responding to instructions, singing songs, and taking turns in games and simple shared tasks. The focus is on listening to the sounds, shapes and patterns of Italian through activities such as rhymes, songs, clapping and action games. Repetition and recycling helps children to identify frequently used words and simple phrases, and to recognise the purpose and intention of simple texts.


Year 3 & 4

Students will be working towards developing active listening skills and responding through action-related talk. They are supported to use the language themselves in familiar contexts and situations, such as exchanging simple ideas and information, negotiating predictable activities and interactions, and participating in shared tasks, performance and play.




Year 5 & 6

Students are working towards interacting using spoken and written Italian to describe and give information about themselves, family, friends, home and school routines, experiences, interests, preferences and choices. They will talk about aspects of their environment, express opinions, accept or reject ideas, agree & disagree and ask simple questions related to social interactions.

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