At Stevensville, all students participate in an engaging mathematics program that focuses on linking mathematical learning with real life application.

Students explore the three Victorian Curriculum Mathematical Learning Areas of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability.


Math Lesson Structure:

Warm-up - Students revise the previous learning and practise number facts through games and independent investigations.


Explicit Teaching Mini-Lesson – Teachers explicitly teach the mathematical concept using math equipment and specific mathematical language. They provide students with a clear learning intention and success criteria.


Independent or Small Group Learning Activities – Students investigate the mathematical focus, as modelled in the mini-lesson, through hands on activities and using technology.

They have the opportunity to synergise through working in small groups with students of a similar ability, work in a teacher group to deepen their understanding of the concept, and work independently on mathematical tasks.

Students track their own learning using the success criteria to ensure they are on task and are challenging themselves to reach their full potential.


Student Reflection– Students reflect on their learning using the success criteria. They may write their reflection in their math journal or share their learning with the class.


Creating Mathematical Thinkers

At Stevensville, students are encouraged to become strong mathematical thinkers.


  • synergise to share their knowledge and understanding of math with other students
  • identify their strengths and set goals to improve their mathematical capabilities
  • identify how they can apply the math concepts they are learning to real life events and situations
  • explain how they solved mathematical problems, and show this working-out when formally recording their math
  • use technology to enhance their learning and check whether they have solved problems correctly


100 Days of School

Students in Foundation are tracking how many days they have been at school. They are going to celebrate their 100th day at Stevensville.

The Foundation students have been keeping track of the days at school by using a calendar, bundling sticks, adding a sticker to their chart each school-day and using block towers.

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